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Strategic and Tactical Solutions 


Business Analysis

We provided industry knowledge, business intelligence, complex data with strategic optimization across services and business sectors to achieve profitability. We also offer Business Intelligence metrics data in an all-in-one-web-based Dashboard System (DS), including CCTV.   


Whatever your investigative needs are, we use technology, recordings, on-site observation, social media and databases to conduct our research to give evidentiary substance to your case or cause.  

- Social Media Search

-Fraud Detection

- Infidelities

- Corporate Espionage

- Cyber Bullying, or Harassments

- Missing Persons or Custody Issues

- Auto Theft

- And Much More...

Security and Safety

Two fundamental factors determine whether you are the target of crime – Appearance and Reputation. Providing a safe environment has been and continues to be a primary concern for everyone. Don’t be a victim of burglary, vandalism, criminal mischief, and take security for granted; stay safe! TRACCO provides the following services to meet your security and safety needs: Guard Services, Security Site Assessments, Cannabis Dispensary Security Plans, Security solutions - CCTV, alarm systems and Access Control.  

Operating Procedures

Are your operating procedures not sufficiently descriptive, not up to industry standards? Have they been written without the input of employees who perform related tasks? Out-of-date practices or technology? Do not facilitate employees’ best performance and support training efforts? We help develop operating procedures with CFR, FDA, ISO, and ICH guidelines.

Loss Prevention

A friend of mine once told me, “The disappearance of observable loss prevention initiatives is a license to steal or cause a loss.” I could not have said it any better! If the impression of your home or business advertises vulnerabilities, you will be a constant target of theft and fraud. Please don’t wait for that to happen; call us we can help.

Training and Education

Regardless of status, title, or position, we want a safe and secure environment to work or live. When I visit a business, company, or corporation, I will stop an employee at random and ask them, do you know what to do if they were involved in a workplace shooting? Robbery? Or when was the last time you attended a security meeting? The answer will almost always be never, or I don’t remember. We offer security, loss prevention, safety training, and awareness, including security site assessments for homes or businesses.

A Public-Private Partnership To Protect You!

The HCSO SecureWatch Program powered by Coreveillance is one of many Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) initiatives enlisting the help of community members and businesses in the fight against crime.  The HCSO SecureWatch Program allows the HCSO to ability to access and view real-time surveillance system information from participating businesses should they experience a need for law enforcement. By registering and participating in the HCSO SecureWatch program, first responders will have access to valuable information to increase situational awareness prior to their arrival, potentially aiding in the apprehension of suspects. 

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