TRACCO  Consultancy and Investigations


The Perseverance of Efficiency and Ethics


Our objective is to build business intelligence while incorporating the efforts of a combined data analytical team that will provide high-quality information of a business unit’s performance as it relates to profitability, theft, regulatory compliance, accidents, claims and safety.


 As I visit business properties, I continue to see the same security initiatives overlooked, an advertisement for criminals.

Criminals sift through business or home security vulnerabilities, looking for the scent of an opportunity!

One must understand business and economics and protect its bottom line by understanding how crime occurs and preventing and controlling it. 

 Home and Business Protection Services

We are a full-service consultation and investigative company to support and improve processes and procedures, assist in developing Standard Operating Procedural (SOP) manuals and conduct site security assessments. We assist attorneys and clients in investigating and gather evidence for civil and criminal case presentations. If you just need an investigator for a personal issue we can do that to!

Are you having trouble filing an insurance claim? We can help with that.

We partner with security software companies, law enforcement, insurance, local, state, and federal compliance agencies to ensure you are getting the latest industry standards of asset protection.

Roger Rangel



I have had the opportunity to work and meet with multi-level law enforcement agencies, a probation officer, constable, Special Crimes Task Force Investigator, working in partnership with the FBI, Treasury Department, Customs, INS, TABC, Coast Guard, DEA, and the NSA.

My assignment with the NSA consisted of providing executive protection to Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

My law enforcement and retail experience consisted of investigating Organized Crime Rings (ORC) and general criminal offenses.

I have leveraged business intelligence and operational strategies with several industry retail backgrounds with demonstrated successes.

I am well versed in managing and investigating vehicle/property damage and personal injury claims. 

In God We Trust , All Others We Help